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I’m typing this as I’m riding the bus to school, so I’ll keep it brief. And because typing on an iPhone is complicating the process.   Im sitting amongst my peers, my friends, and I can truly say I haven’t been happy in this kind of way before. Not only am I sitting with people…

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Jun 22 2012

The Power of an Engaging Lesson

Tuesday, I’ll be honest with you, I walked out of the classroom feeling utterly defeated. If you were to see a video montage of me during class, it would look something like this: me running around, with devious eyes staring at me as they lure me to chase after them, images of me grabbing fists…

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Jun 19 2012

Day One With My Lil’ Ones

Today marked my first official day in class with my lil’ ones. I say “lil’ ones” because most of them are a young three years old. THREE. Babies. Beautiful, eager, babies. Babies with their entire future before them. Babies whose doe eyes have so much to see in this world. One of the special things…

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